Casting Call: Be a part of ‘The Reel’’s experiment

THE REEL with Ben Conniff

By: Ben Conniff

If “knowledge is the spice of life,” then my stew doesn’t quite have the kick it deserves.

By helping me take The Reel to the next level, you’ll get more of what you want – engaging, accessible, easy-to-read movie reviews that can save you time and money.

I’m an Honors scholar, and as such I have seemingly damned myself to the successful completion of a Capstone Experience / Thesis project in order to be a graduate of the Honors College.

I am in the midst of researching Hollywood’s place in an increasingly viral world; how emerging social technologies are influencing the way we watch, discuss, and gather information about movies.

I want to try and examine the extent to which a budding, young film critic in Bowling Green, Kentucky can influence the Hollywood box office. Is that even possible? 

The fact that this kind of question can even be asked just goes to show how far the entertainment industry has come in the last 5-10 years. 

I’ve assembled a brief, 8-question online survey that takes probably 10 seconds to fill out. That means you can easily do it between commercials of the UK-Louisville game this weekend.

One can only stand so many ads for Reese’s and Allstate.  

To demonstrate the context and nature of the survey, think about your social media usage. Look out for questions similar to these:

“Do you discuss movies most often on Twitter or Facebook? Have you seen or avoided certain movies based on The Reel’s recommendations?” 

The survey has been built using WKU’s Qualtrics software. Feel free to share it with friends, family, and anyone else with a Facebook or Twitter profile.

It’s my hope that the results of this survey tell me the most effective way to reach my audience. Since my content is primarily generated online, I look forward to learning how I can frame my posts so that you can see and interact with more of them.

The Reel has seen nothing but tremendous success since I first started nearly a year and a half ago.

I wish to thank all the devoted readers who look forward to the new reviews each week. 

It’s the impromptu discussions, emails, tweets, and high-fives in the hallways between classes that have kept me going, especially when this fun hobby I set out to have occasionally starts to feel like work.

There’s a great, big community of WKU students who love movies just as much if not more than I do.

I call on all of you now to help me learn more about my job so that I can better serve you as your first source for movie reviews and news.

Take my survey now, and help me continue to save you time and money in the future.

Keep telling your friends about The Reel, keep watching and discussing movies however you do, and always remember to keep me in the loop. 

I live to serve. 

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