WKU alumni running for House of Representatives seat in TN

Mackenzie Mathews

WKU alumnus Kyle Roberts is running for Tennessee State House of Representatives, and is welcoming political science students to intern on his upcoming campaign.

“As my staff is still in its early development, this is a great opportunity for you to have considerable responsibility in a political campaign, which will certainly be beneficial for you as you seek a career in the political field,” Roberts said in an email to WKU.

The campaign will be coordinating with others around the state, giving interns the chance to meet several candidates and individuals involved with state politics, though state residence is not a requirement for those participating.

Roberts is the only Democrat running to represent District 66, Tennessee’s Robertson County, so he and his team will be able to bypass the primaries and focus on the November election.

“It’s a huge benefit for me, in terms of fundraising and in terms of focus,” Roberts said. “I can focus on a campaign for November and not have to worry about campaigning against a fellow Democrat.”

Roberts graduated from WKU in 2012 with a double major in philosophy and religious studies. He was also heavily involved in the Baptist Campus Ministry as a member of their leadership team and the coordinator of the evangelism team.

“Being involved with the philosophy program really helped me think a lot deeper and really more critically analyze my thoughts, especially my religious and political thoughts,” Roberts said.

Participating in BCM’s leadership roles helped him learn to get people’s attention and draw them to an idea by getting them involved and interested. This will equate in an investment of their time, thus contributing to a greater goal.

“In some ways, politics is similar to that because you have to convince people to invest in your ideas, to vote for you and maybe sacrifice some of their money to help you with your campaign,” Roberts said.

Several components played a role in influencing Roberts’s political stance as a “moderate-conservative Democrat.” A history enthusiast, he finds inspiration from early politicians, such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Payne.

The impact these early leaders had on the world inspired Roberts to take up a societal role of support and guidance.    With a platform revolving around education, agriculture and opportunity, he plans to better his district, while bringing a different view to the now classic politics that have alienated party lines.

“I find it somewhat difficult to label my thought,” Roberts said. “I tend to transcend a lot of different things, because I try to look at both sides of every issue.”

If interested in interning on Roberts’s staff, email him at [email protected].