Academic brief: CHHS Dean search progresses

Mackenzie Mathews

The search for the new dean of the College of Health and Human Services continues this week as the search committee meets to discuss process developments and the qualifications of each candidate.

The committee has been sifting through applications and review assessments regarding the candidates since the process began in November.

After narrowing the selection, the final three contenders, Sylvia Gaiko, Dean May and Carmen Burkhalter, were brought on-campus for interviews Feb. 10-18.

“The interviews went very well with excellent attendance at all sessions, especially the presentations and open forums for faculty, staff and students held at the Mass Media & Technology Hall,” said Jeffrey Katz, dean of the Gordon Ford College of Business and chair of the committee for the CHHS dean search.

The committee will now spend the next few weeks deliberating on the qualifications of the candidates and the response from their visits. The new dean’s term will begin July 1 of this year.

Katz does not regret the process of choosing a new dean.

“It has truly been a pleasure serving with dedicated and outstanding faculty, staff and students who have generously provided their time and talents into identifying an important leader for the College of Health and Human Services,” Katz said.

The position became available after the former dean, John Bonaguro, decided to return to a faculty position after serving as dean for 10 years. Formed in 2002, CHHS is WKU’s newest college, and Bonaguro worked as the founding dean.