Get the dorm of your dreams


McLean, Southwest, Northeast and Bates-Runner.

These dorms are what my parents called “prime real estate” when they moved me into McLean this semester. These larger abodes are typically reserved for upperclassmen who have earned the living spaces through seniority, and (to some degree) attrition with students opting out of on-campus living for “glorious” apartment life. 

“You really couldn’t have lucked out any better,” my dad said. 

Perfectly positioned on the Hill, a five-minute walk from most major points on campus, McLean offers Honors and Honors-eligible residents spacious living areas and bathrooms that don’t have toilets two inches from the shower.

Moving in felt like upgrading to the Waldorf-Astoria’s palatial suite, sans mini bar. 

But, sorry Dad. Landing a room in McLean wasn’t a stroke of luck. 

Some dorms on campus require skill and persistence to snag. Sometimes, that skill is being conscious at 5 a.m., as soon as housing information becomes available on TopNet. Coffee, multiple alarms, and a committed roommate helped us snag our Bates-Runner room. 

Sometimes it’s knowing exactly who you want to live with and strategically coordinating those arrangements with a prospective roommate. 

Here are other important tips to assist with moving onwards and upwards:

1. Know your roommate situation beforehand. By some stroke of dumb luck, I have the best roommate I could’ve wanted. We plan on rooming together until graduation, so keeping each other informed as to room changes is vital. Have your roommate’s WKU ID on a Post-it readily available for housing renewal or any changes the two of you wish to make.

2. If your roommate situation is less-than-desirable (or downright hellish) and you’re looking to make an escape, ask around and see if anyone knows of a room opening up. Roommates wishing to separate after a year together are fairly common, and more often than not, you’ll be able to find someone in a similar situation who knows of a spot opening up in your dream dorm. 

3. Talk it over with Housing & Residence Life. Their offices are located directly across from Downing Student Union, right next to Minton Hall, and they’re open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekday. Go ask them in person for advice or suggestions. Face-to-face communication typically provides more clarity than talking via email, and they’ll be able to answer anything confusing about the process. 

4. Make sure your dream dorm fits your personality. Spend time on the HRL website to decide which hall best fits your needs. Honors kids typically gravitate toward Bates-Runner and McLean Halls. Sorority upperclassmen live in Meredith Hall. Northeast, Southwest and Zacharias all offer a number of campus communities for students to join.