Dry Clean Only: Explore new trends this spring

Kae: Jacket from Guess, jumpsuit and accessories from Forever 21. Keevin: Shirt from 21Men, jacket from Urban Outfitters, glasses from River Island, hat from Ralph Lauren. (Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

If this week has brought anything, it’s been a taste of spring, a desire to bust those dresses and shorts out of the depths of the closet, and a desire to stalk through websites to see just what to add to this year’s spring wardrobe.

This week, I will bring you my take on what will be in style once the weather gets warmer with a little help from my fellow fashionista, Keevin Foree.

Fashion, to me (and by me, I mean Keevin), is something much more than what we adorn ourselves with. Fashion is powerful and can speak volumes. No matter what you wear or how you wear it, your fashion will reflect a part of who you are. Fashion gives me the opportunity to be anything I want to be and to feel how I want. 

Girls, Kae will start with you. 

While I wish I could sit here and take up the whole paper explaining why each trend will be huge, I can’t. However, I will touch on some of my favorites and list other huge trends.

This spring, stack your wardrobe with pink pastel everything, bold prints, gold accessories, midi skirts and plenty of high waisted denim. 

Susan Kellogg, VF president of 7 for All Mankind, Splendid and Ella Moss recently declared that high rise denim will be the biggest trend for the upcoming season. Retailers are taking notice.

Now, this may not come as a surprise and may be even shocking to those of you who, like me, have had an unrequited love of high-waisted denim for years. However, don’t view this as a curse. Having more retailers sell and display high waisted anything will make the at times difficult search much easier.

Jumpsuits will also be making a return this season, and probably this summer. A simple black jumpsuit was probably my best investment for spring. The simple piece can be dressed up with heels, flashy jewelry and a red lip, or dressed down with sandals, no make up and messy hair. No matter which way you choose to style it, you’ll be flawless. 

Back to those bold prints, though. When I say bold, I mean bold. Think of Peter Pilotto’s designs and don’t be scared. The duo behind this British line are daring, mixing stripes, florals and just about any geometric pattern with vibrant colors.  

Currently, Pilotto has a line out for superstore Target. The line consists of various dresses, skirts, tops and jackets, all characterized with multiple prints and bright colors. The clothes are relatively cheap, too. I myself have scoured the racks at the local Target and snagged a fabulous dress.

There’s also the always obvious: florals. Don’t be so quick to quote Miranda Priestly and scowl, though. Florals are a timeless trend. 

Anyway, now to turn it over to Keevin and the fashionable men on campus.

This spring, take a risk. If you’ve ever wanted to be experimental with your fashion, now is the time. Botanical prints, bright colors, clashing separates and wild dress socks are among some of this seasons trends. 

Botanical prints are no longer just for the women. What better way to celebrate spring than with a nice print? Botanical prints are rejuvenating and colorful just like spring. A nice floral print dress shirt is the perfect way to sport this trend. You can find awesome shirts like this for less at Asos. 

Embrace color in your wardrobe, too. Coming from past seasons of dark color palettes, color is finally back and it’s stronger than ever. The more bold and loud, the better. Ditch the pastels. 

Purple is the big color this season. Purple is going to make you feel exotic and extra fancy. Try wearing some purple shorts or pants; don’t be afraid of purple. For me, vibrant and shocking yellow is going to be my color for the season. 

Have fun with clashing separates. Play around with patterns. However, it’s best to stick to one color palette. Pick patterns that match the theme and mood of your outfit. This may seem a bit risqué, but trust me it looks great. You don’t have to always match down to every single little detail. Go through your wardrobe and pair things together that you usually wouldn’t. Go ahead and add some stripes to your florals. Channel your inner creativity.

Finally, whoever said that socks had to be boring? Add a little sass with some wild socks. You’d be surprised by how many different types of socks exist. Most guys usually forget the importance of socks. They don’t have to be just white. There’s socks for every guy with every personality. Check out Urban Outfitters, they have some of the craziest socks. 

Stay true to yourself and make your outfit fun with a wild print and bold colors. Don’t be so serious. Most importantly, try something new and make your style as refreshing as the impending warmer temperatures.