Phi Delta Theta returns to campus

Leah Brown

Phi Delta Theta is making a return to campus. 

The fraternity plans to recolonize their chapter, Kentucky Eta, at WKU by this fall. 

Ryan Schell, expansion leadership consultant, will be in DSU until March 24 conducting interviews with men interested in rebuilding the fraternity.  

He and another consultant have already met with an estimated 150 men.  

Phi Delta Theta is looking for men who want to redefine what fraternity means on WKU’s campus: men who are involved, scholars, future businessmen and leaders.  They will select between 40 and 50 men from all different grade levels to build this new chapter.  

“Greatness is a term that our organization loves to use and I would just love to see this group be great here,” Schell said.

The two consultants went to each sorority and asked them to build their perfect fraternity man.  

Louisville sophomore Emily Wood said she would like “a guy that doesn’t let his fraternity define him and makes his grades a priority.” 

In order to reach non-Greek men, the consultants asked the sorority women to send in referrals.  The sorority who sends in the most referrals will receive cash donated to their philanthropy, and a social event with Phi Delta Theta in the fall. 

Phi Delta Theta left WKU in 2012 after being on campus for 46 years.

Schell said the chapter never intended on leaving. The organization has high standards for its members and the previous group was not meeting those standards.  He said they wanted to take a step back and restart the group in a different way.  

“We really believe that being at Western is something that’s good for our organization and our organization being at Western is good for the university and community,” Schell said.  

Phi Delta Theta currently has four other chapters at universities in Kentucky: Eastern Kentucky University , Centre, University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. 

“Everyone’s pretty excited,” Phi Delta Theta alum Max Haupt said. “We’ve got a lot to look forward to.” 

Schell said he hopes this new group of men will hold on to the reasons why they joined the fraternity throughout the years.  

The previous members of Phi Delta Theta will be considered alumni in good standing, but will not be involved in rebuilding the chapter.  

The fraternity intends on building a house in 2015 located next to Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s house.  Plans for the house and information about the fraternity can be found at