SGA convenes for spring semester

Leah Brown

The Student Government Association attended their first meeting of the spring semester Tuesday night.  

SGA President Keyana Boka said she talked to dining services about 24 hour dining for students.  WKU Restaurant and Catering Group is currently looking at different options. 

Boka announced SGA will be planning a trip to Frankfort called “Rally for Retention” in response to WKU’s $1.8 million dollar budget cut.  

Executive Vice President Mark Reeves discussed a two year budget the state government is voting on and the importance of student involvement in the process.  

“As SGA, we need to be on our toes because there are going to be some tough budget cuts,” Reeves said.  

A draft was drawn out of a new process for students to change their major.  SGA will review it and vote on the change-of-major advising process next week.  

“Students are better retained if they have declared a major earlier on,” Boka said.  

SGA nominated and voted the student affairs committee chair Nolan Miles as a candidate for Coming Home King. 

There were five resignations last semester.  The legislative research committee chair and public relations chair were two of the five seats left vacant. 

One bill was read and approved after SGA suspended its bylaws.

The bill, Bill 1-14-S, will allocate $500 to the 2014 Healthy Days 13th annual Student Health Fair.  The event will host vendors and activities promoting better student health.  The fair will be held on Feb. 26.  

Boka said she thought the first meeting of the new semester went well.

“I think our meeting was very productive,” Boka said.