Rodeo corralled to Bowling Green

Michael Hall

This weekend The L.D Brown Ag Expo Center played host to the annual Lone Star Rodeo. The Expo Center was filled with close to two thousand seats Friday night for the kick off. Men, women and children came with their friends and family for what was definitely a night to remember. After being introduced by the Emcee, a cast of over a dozen cowboys and cowgirls rode out for the crowd.

The line up of cowboys and cowgirls were each was given an introduction and short bio, and rode stallions through the mud-covered arena, carrying a variety of flags: ranging from our nation’s flag, to Tennessee, Texas and even one from MGM. Afterwards, a “cowboy” prayer was said, in which the entire crowd took part in as they bowed their heads and then the show began.

Daniel Robertson, from Heartland, TN is a third generation cowboy. His father inducted him into the lifestyle.

 “Heck of a rodeo, good for the crowd, very family orientated. As much as it costs to produce a rodeo, skilled and talented men and women are needed for it to have that final kick,” Robertson said.

Robertson, along with the other riders, shows that it takes a trained athlete to ride and that it isn’t for the faint of heart.

“It takes dedication. All of these people out here in the mud, spent their lives doing this,” Robertson said.

None of the riders showed any signs of slowing down as they went in front of the crowd.

Ian Martin, a WKU junior from Cerritos, Calif., was dressed head to toe like a cowboy, sporting a collared shirt, boots and a cowboy hat.

“This is my first rodeo. Never been to one, but it’ll be fun. Can’t wait to sit down,” Martin said

President Gary Ransdell was also among the night’s spectators. Ransdell brought along his family, including his grandson, Walker Ransdell.

“It’s been some time since I’ve been to a rodeo, I decided to take my grandson, Walker. Rodeos are pretty cool. It takes talented and athletic men and women to do what they do,” Ransdell said.

Western junior Carinn Sprigler (Junior/Floyd Knobs, Indiana), also contributed to the rodeo. Sprigler, from Floyd Knobs, Ind., decided to work and raise money for the Horticulture club.

“This is my first rodeo and it’s so much fun. It’s a great job, everyone here is nice and it’s a great way to raise money for the club,” she said.

 One thing is for sure, between this audience and the Lone Star Rodeo crew, Bowling Green will definitely have a night a to remember.