Bookstore loses employees

Joanna Williams

The WKU Store finds itself with vacant positions as the semester reaches the quarter mark.

Jim Sears, former assistant director of retail operations for the WKU Store; and Lacey Jackson, former marketer at the WKU Store, no longer hold their positions.  

Sears and Jackson both put in their resignations on Jan. 9 in two separate letters, according to their resignation letters the Herald obtained. According to the letters, Jackson’s last day would be Jan. 23 and Sears would be Feb. 10. Sears letter was stamped as received by Human Resources on Feb. 4, while Jackson’s had no stamp. 

Currently, no replacements have been made, according to John Osborne, vice-president for Campus Services & Facilities. 

Vice president for Auxiliary Services, Gary Meszaros, will take over as the  vacant positions at the store.

Both employees were with the store as it made its transition from Garrett Conference Center to the renovated Downing Student Union. 

The store was the first to open in DSU this past summer with a number of new amenities, including an Apple tech lab and Nike merchandise.

Jackson joined in 2006, while Sears letter says he was with WKU “over the last ten years.

Editors Note: Only Tim Sears and Lacey Jackson are no longer employed at the WKU Store. Shawna Turner, director of the store, is still currently employed  by WKU, according to WKU general counsel Deborah Wilkins.