Campus actors get access

Michael Hall

Saturday morning at 9 a.m., the acting community of WKU came together and auditioned on the second floor of Mass Media and Technology Hall.

Travis Newton, an assistant professor of film, along with colleague Ron DeMarse, an associate professor of film, and several other student filmmakers conducted professional auditions for acting positions at WKU. 

Their goal was to create a database for filmmakers to refer to when casting roles for their films. In the world of film, casting is key, and DeMarse said WKU film students would benefit highly from what he and Newton are doing.

“One big drawback for actors was getting their names out, so bringing talented filmmakers and actors together is a huge deal,” DeMarse said. “It’s about using social media to get out there.”

The filmmakers/professors have honed in on the web and used it to their advantage.

“It’s the Actor’s Access for Bowling Green,” said Newton.

Actor’s Access is an online database in the same sense, but on a much broader scale. It is currently used by industry professionals in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. 

Sheets of dialogue, otherwise known as sides, were laid out for all of the actors. The sheets showed a wide variety of characters with a multitude of different emotions and motivations, ultimately catering to the many actors present. 

Outside of the audition room, Wes Manakee and Jeremy Baley, film students at WKU, sat at the sign-in table.

Manakee is also currently in production of a short film this semester. His film was one of several chosen out of 20 in his class. He’s helping out with the auditions because he knows just how useful it will be when the time comes to shoot his movie.

“I’m hoping to potentially find actors for my movie,” Manakee said.