WKU Libraries offers mystery book dates in honor of Valentine’s Day

Whitney Allen

February may be the month of love, but that doesn’t mean love is solely between one person and another. This month, the Cravens Library is setting students up on a “Mystery Date with a Book.”

Library staffers have wrapped 25 books in brown packing paper and decorated each book with a catchy hint as to what the book is about. Students can come into the library and choose a book. After finishing the book, students are encouraged to fill out a “Rate Your Date” form, reviewing their chosen book. Those who rate their date will be entered into a drawing to win $25.

Katie DeCoursey, Pembroke junior, is working on her second mystery book, “There’s so many books in the leisure section. It’s really hard to pick out one because you stand there forever,” DeCoursey said.

DeCoursey said this opportunity has been good because it’s allowed her to discover books she might not have picked up before.

Jennifer Wilson, marketing coordinator for the library, hopes students will make time for leisure reading.

“It’s hard at this time of year or during the whole semester,” she said. “You’re so busy reading academic materials that are for your major or minor so this is a nice break. We’re all about encouraging reading.”

Wilson attributes the credit for this particular event to her student worker, Los Angeles senior Krystin Avakian.

Avakian explained that this wasn’t an original idea, she’d heard of other universities doing similar things in the past and thought this would be awesome to offer to WKU students.

“I guess the idea of getting people to try a new book or genre is what got me interested in the first place,” Avakian said.

Students can participate in Mystery Date with a Book until the end of February.