Dry Clean Only: Women should embrace their own style

Columnist Kae Holloway introduces her weekly fashion column. The column will appear on Thursdays, discussing trends, giving style tips and commenting on fashion faux pas. Dress: Asos; Shoes: Forever 21 (Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

Fashion, for both men and women, gives a unique opportunity for a person to express themselves completely. It creates a piece of living artwork. Literally. Fabrics draped and stitched in a variety of methods blanket the one true living canvas: you.

In this column, I hope to enhance that artwork by introducing and exploring new trends, offering suggestions to enhance style and providing commentary on the hot topic issues of the fashion industry. Starting… now. 

A huge internet trend has been circulating through the blogosphere at the start of this new year. That trend being lists, compiled and edited by several online news sources, documenting clothes, shoes, etc., that women love and men, well, hate.

Excuse me, but what? This is a real thing? Sadly, yes. The new year has started off with women being told that things they wear, things they may love, don’t appeal to a general, broad group of men polled for these articles.

The lists have included, but are not limited to, peplum anything, beanies, wedge sneakers, floppy hats, open side shirts, bright lipstick, heavy eye makeup, pointy toes, fake nails, high waisted jeans and skirts, fold over ankle boots, ultra high heels, pantsuits, gladiator sandals, drop-crotch pants, hair bows, bangles, oversized sweaters, “mullet” dresses (also known as high-low dresses) and shoulder pads. Basically, half of what is in your make up drawer and closet.

Even websites like the Huffington Post have fallen guilty of this atrocity, including a video with their post, interviewing Marc Lamont Hill, a “women’s fashion expert,” on why men just hate these trends. 

Granted, none of these videos and articles are directly saying “Hey, you in the peplum, don’t wear that if you want a man,” but in some cases it is heavily implied. Especially when said expert says outright that peplum looks “ridiculous,” claiming they make women look pregnant.

Basically, I am an individual, and I will wear what I wear, when I want to wear it. And so will everyone else. 

Wear what you want to wear. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful, because if you feel that way in your clothes, it won’t matter what you’re wearing. Your inner confidence will radiate.

One could even rock a potato sack with as much style and grace as Audrey Hepburn did in her little black Givenchy dress if they do it with confidence.

Girls, wear your peplum, wear your sneaker wedges and rock your gladiators. Honestly, pair your peplum with your sneaker wedges, stack on some bangles and wear the brightest lipstick you can. Well… don’t really do that, but you get where I’m going with this.

Wear what makes your inner personality shine, and don’t let the ideas of anyone else, guy or girl, tell you what you can’t wear. If you can achieve that, it won’t matter what you’re wearing. People will take notice.