Smith Stadium ticket and seating options change with move to Conference USA

2014 WKU football seating chart for Smith Stadium.

Herald Sports Staff

The changes are starting to all into place with WKU’s move to Conference USA. With the release of the Toppers’ 2014 football schedule Monday afternoon also came the release of new seating arrangements and ticket prices inside Smith Stadium.

No additions are being made to the structure of the stadium, but four new sections are going to be divided on the east sideline. Sections 129-132 will become available at $150 per seat with a $175 Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (HAF) membership.

Those sections (and others in the lower section), were previously all open to WKU students, but Conference USA rules state that the student section cannot be located any where between the 30-yard lines, or behind the visiting team’s sideline.

The student section will now cover sections 133-135 and 125-128. Associate athletic director of marketing Lindsay Boyden said the student section extends into the berm, and that it remains a first-come-first-serve section.

The Big Red Marching Band will now be located in section 126, with flexibility to expand into section 125 if necessary.

WKU Player Guests will now be seated in the Topper sections 129-132.

The Toppers will play six games at Smith Stadium and will not host an FCS school with the move to C-USA. In comparison to last season, the 2014 schedule includes an additional home game with all FBS schools, meaning ticket prices per game increased by 50 cents in one area and decreased by 50 cents in four areas.