Grise Elevator back up and operational

Trey Crumbie

Students have regained access to the elevator in Grise Hall — a shortcut frequently used to climb the hill — after a semester of inaccessibility.

The elevator returned to operational status after a hydraulic assembly leak prompted campus officials to shut it down for maintenance.

Michelle Trawick, associate dean for faculty and administration, said while the elevator was down, some classrooms and faculty offices were moved. Now that the elevator is operational again, those classes and offices have moved back to their original locations.

“It’s a huge improvement,” Trawick said.“There was major turmoil during all the last minute switching last semester so this is great.” 

Matt Davis, coordinator of student disability services, said he believes that the repaired elevator will take some pressure off of students.

“I’m so glad that it was able to be up and running before the semester started so students won’t have that extra added stress to what is already a stressful time for some students at the beginning of the semester,” Davis said.

Charles Harrison, maintenance services manager for facilities management, told the Herald last August that maintenance delays arose because WKU had to wait for custom-made elevator parts. 

“An elevator is not like an item that you go to the hardware store (for),” he said. “Big items like this are custom built to fit your building.”

Louisville junior Devantre Chatman uses the elevator to get to his classes throughout Grise. 

“I’m glad the elevator is back,” Chatman said. “Because that way I can navigate through Grise Hall now a lot better instead of going up the steps. Sometimes you need the elevator.”