Pipeline burst due to cold weather

Trey Crumbie

The sudden surge of frigid temperatures has broken more than just weather records.

Tuesday morning at approximately 7 a.m., a fire sprinkler pipeline burst in the lobby of Northeast Hall due to cold weather, according to David Oliver, director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Oliver said the piping was near an exterior wall which caused it to freeze.


Oliver said the pipe was a specialized one and was repaired Tuesday night after a fire sprinkler contractor was called in to fix it.

Oliver said flooding occurred due to the pipe bursting, but was confined to just the lobby.

Despite the flooding, Oliver said the residents weren’t affected. 

“The building was never closed or out of service,” Oliver said.

Oliver said the lobby fire sprinkler pipeline that froze was an isolated incident and that no other sprinkler system in Northeast Hall was affected. Showers and sinks also remained unaffected.

Oliver said there is the possibility that other pipes on campus are currently frozen and will burst as well once the weather warms up.