Local shops offer variety of gifts for Christmas shoppers

Iran international graduate student Arash Pourmohammadian buys a gift for his family in The WKU Store. 

Mackenzie Mathews

Some people may be difficult to shop for this Christmas, but Bowling Green offers several unique stores that make finding that perfect gift just a bit easier. Whether it is on campus or off, there is a shop that carries that quintessential item.

The WKU Store is the closest option. Already decked for the holidays, it can spread not only the Christmas spirit, but the WKU spirit as well.

Louisville sophomore Celeste Somerville, an employee at the campus store, said it’s an excellent place to buy gifts.

“It’s convenient and very affordable,” she said. “Some students don’t have cars, so they can just walk here and get the gifts they need. We have something for everyone: mom, dad, brothers and sisters. We carry a lot of stuff.”

Sales and discounts will continue throughout the semester, coinciding with finals week and commencement.

Somerset junior Samantha Blevins said she has successfully found her Christmas purchases in the WKU Store for the last few years.

“It’s definitely a good place for gifts. You can get a lot of student discounts and use coupons,” she said.

If an off-campus venture is necessary, however, there are plenty of novel shops that carry fun and original items.

WL² is located in Buckhead Square on Campbell Lane. Steve Rose, the owner, designed it as an amusing and relaxing place to shop. The idea took hold with his eclectic mix of merchandise, which he said would make great gifts.

“They’re easy products, not really thinking products,” he said. “They don’t cost a lot. Therefore, you don’t put a lot of thought into buying them. You don’t want to think about something really expensive but something that is different, fun and affordable.”

The shop holds a large assortment of items, such as jewelry, candles and Shea butter lotion, but also more quirky pieces, like wallets that will not tear and Freakers, knitted koozies that keep any size bottle cold.

“The more different the items are, the cooler the store is,” Rose said.

Pink Daisy is located in Fountain Square and carries the Lilly Pulitzer clothing line. Their bright, cheerful colors immediately attract attention to the store.

Jessica Wellman, the store manager, said though the merchandise looks fit for summer, their fleeces and vests have been popular items this fall, and they still maintain a bright look.

“Lilly Pulitzer describes itself as a lifestyle brand, so we have everything from clothing to bags to jewelry,” she said. “And people like the colors. They come in and say, ‘This place is so bright.’ It puts you in a happy mood.”

This December at Pink Daisy, the 25 Days of Lilly will begin with a different gift idea posted every day leading up to Christmas.

Another shop that gives a sense of the upcoming holiday is Barbara Stewart Interiors, also in the square. Upon entering the store, Christmas is immediately evident. They carry everything from design furniture to jewelry and books.

Their gift baskets, consisting of various types of food, including gluten-free and locally made options, are popular.

Tim Minor, the in-store designer, said the store supports local organizations.

“So we like to promote Kentucky-made food,” he said.

He also explained the shop’s diverse selections.

“We try to have something for everybody, from college students, with our stationary and Greek items, to their grandmothers, who like fine antiques and accessories for their home,” he said. “And prices range from a couple of dollars to as much as the customer wants to spend.”