SGA talks Talisman at final meeting of semester

Kaely Holloway

The final Student Government Association meeting of the semester consisted of guest speakers, new legislations and distinguished inductees.

President Keyana Boka and Director of Academic and Student Affairs Hannah Garland recognized and distributed honorary white tassels to four new inductees to the Society of Distinguished Graduates.

Sarah Schrader, McKinley Ingram, Eric Wills and Kelsey Thomason are the newest inductees to the Society.


“Thanks you guys, this means a lot,” Ingram said.

The Society of Distinguished Graduates recognizes seniors for their achievements and accomplishments outside of the academic field. Inductees are nominated by department heads and selected by SGA.

“The things that they’ve done are remarkable,” Garland said.

The meeting continued with guest presentation by Talisman editor-in-chief Katie Honadle, Student Publications director Chuck Clark and Talisman adviser Charlotte Turtle.

The trio were there to present information and answer questions about the Talisman, past, present and future.

“It (the Talisman) really documents the history of the hill,” Honadle said.

Budget cuts for the Talisman’s budget have caused many involved with the yearbook to seek other means to continue sufficient funding of it in order to maintain it’s award winning quality.

To date, the Talisman has won 15 Pacemaker awards, the highest honor a collegiate publication can receive.

“The Talisman is a national point of pride for WKU,” Clark said.

Administrative Vice President Nicki Seay presented a new, updated budget to the senate.

Seay said the biggest concern with the budget is that funding for Scantrons is running low.

“More than double the amount of students are getting Scantrons,” Seay.

Scantrons will still be available for finals week, but Seay said she’s open to suggestion for how to continue the funding.

Three pieces of legislation were also passed during the meeting. A total of $2,000 were allotted to four WKU related organizations, respectively. Money for Winter Term scholarships was also set aside for those receiving them.

The Senate will not convene again until next semester.