Creativity is essential in achieving your winter look

Monta Reinfelde

Winter is one of the most exciting time in fashion, when creativity in outfits can reach its full potential.

However, proper preparation is a must. Last week, when a sudden snow hit Bowling Green, I was wearing flats and a sheer blouse — not the best combination for the end of November. I should have known after four years in college that the weather here can easily change within a matter of hours.

So Thanksgiving with its Black Friday craze came just in time to buy everything that’s still missing in my wardrobe. Not that there would ever be a time when something wasn’t missing.

When going to the stores, I thought I would stick to buying Christmas presents for my friends and family, but temptation and selfishness crept in, and I ended up with one gift for my sister and many gifts for myself. How do you say no to black ankle boots with golden buckles that cost half the usual price? I can’t figure it out.

My favorite style this season is very masculine. A black, boxy coat with some fur and leather details, of course. Then, skinny, dark jeans or leather leggings and black leather and pointed ankle boots with some eye catching detail. Just add a large leather handbag, gold jewelry and black Ray-Bans and voila — chic, sleek and glamorous with no effort whatsoever.

I do realize that not everybody is as into black, gold, leather and fur as I am. Therefore, I feel obligated to tell you that pastel colors this winter are as appropriate as dark ones.

Take, for example, the pink coat which started its victory in early fall. Or the same coat in pastel blue. One thing to make sure when wearing these colors though is to avoid flares and ruffles. It’s already feminine enough, and we don’t want to look like preschoolers. Femininity can also be achieved with over-the-knee leather boots, pencil dresses and a flower or wildlife motif on shirts and sweaters.

I do hope that girls on WKU’s campus will stop wearing those tall, brown boots and UGGs. Not that there is something wrong with doing it or it wouldn’t look good, it’s just so cliché. Literally everyone is wearing them. Winter is such a good time to express one’s personality and creativity through clothes. It seems such a waste of the season to look like everybody else.

So show everyone who you are and what you are all about, and do it through your beautiful, as well as stylish, outfits.