Linds Lets Loose: Here’s what I hope you’ve learned

Lindsay Kriz

I feel like it’s been a fortnight since I’ve penned one of these columns, and literally it has. It might be the last I write for the next few weeks — when I return in January, I will instead be serving you as the Opinion Editor for the College Heights Herald.

It’s my first real position of authority in such a long time, but I feel that for my last semester of college, I should be pushing myself to complete tasks that would normally make me feel uncomfortable.

If I’m going to enter the terrifying “real world” in the next six months, I might as well enter it already terrified but a bit more confident in my abilities as a writer, an editor and a woman.

Those are my goals for next semester, but I do hope that I’ve somehow helped to educate, entertain and engage you, the audience, to some capacity this semester.

If you choose to listen to “Blurred Lines” with the windows down I at least hope you’re more educated on how it can be seen as problematic.

If you choose not to call yourself a feminist, I hope you take the time to come up with your own definition of “feminist” and “feminism” before doing so. A little research goes a long way and may even change how you view the term, yourself and the women around you.

If you have a daughter, I hope you look into her eyes and wish for her all the opportunities in life. I hope you hope she won’t be hindered because of her gender.

If you choose to wear a shirt that says “save the ta-tas” or “I love boobies” in honor of breast cancer, I hope you’re kind and thoughtful toward a person, should he or she approach you and tell you why they deem it problematic. I hope you’ll hear them. Not only that, but I also hope you’ll truly listen to what they have to say.

I hope that if you decide to become engaged your freshman year of college — when you’re 18 and still shocked to see people sobbing in the library because of finals — that you’re doing it because you are truly ready to be married. And if you really, truly are, that’s just great. And if you’re not, tell your partner so. Your future is just beginning here at WKU.

I hope that if you see a drunk boy or girl at a party, the only thing you do to that person is get them a safe ride home.

I hope that if you still pine for “the One” that you remember that you are one, and one is whole, and you are whole just as you are, with or without a significant other.

But mostly, I hope I’ve helped you to realize that you don’t have to listen to a word I say. You’re a free-thinking human, and I hope that even if you disagree with everything I’ve said 100 percent, you at least thought about what I’ve said. That was truly my goal this semester: to truly make you think.