Fashion trends to revive your winter look

Monta Reinfelde

I remember back in August when my favorite fashion magazines – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Red – came out with the September issue, covering everything about winter fashion. It was interesting to see what to expect in a couple of months, but besides that, I didn’t want to think any further than flip-flops, beach waves and a white, lace dress.

It’s different in winter. In one week we will get out of school, and once we come back, New York Fashion Week will be just two weeks away. For those who are interested, it starts on Feb. 6 and ends on Feb. 13. That’s when the full list of the newest fashion trends for spring will come out, right at the time when layering and cuddling up in warm coats and jackets starts to get annoying as well as old. Why wait that long? I want to give you a rundown of the first spring fashion trends that you can start wearing now. Or, at least give you some new ideas to include in your Christmas wish list.

Conversation Starter

Wordplay on pretty much any piece of clothing and accessory is one of the winter trends, but will continue in spring. That’s such a great opportunity to express your thoughts in a stylish way. It is not that important what you say, as long as it is loud and clear, written in a bold font all over your sweater or a bag. Some cool ideas are all over the runway. Look no further than Alexander Wang and Kenzo. Large prints look the best with simple jeans or shorts, but can be easily dressed up with large pieces of jewelry. More is more! For some good street-style inspiration, search Miroslava Duma, creator of the Russian fashion website Buro 24/7. She knows how to do it best.

Genius Simplicity

If you have a button down shirt — literally, any kind of button down shirt — the rest takes not even a minute to rock the latest trend. Instead of leaving a few top buttons undone, reverse the process. Button up the first couple and leave the rest undone. It’s so fast, simple and fashion forward. Some designers take it even further. They do it with dresses too. If you want to see how this trend looks on someone before trying it out yourself, check out some pictures from Diesel, Rodarte, Trussardi and John Richmond shows.

Urban Cowgirl

This is not a theme party, so avoid overkill, but some unexpected western elements in outfits can look extremely fashionable. Some of the sub-trends emerging in the upcoming season are the ones to consider for your cowgirl twist. Think cowboy boots, embroidered shirts, low-slung massive belts and denim. Try to keep it cool and effortless, and once again, please don’t overdo it. For a sexier look, pair denim overalls with heels and possibly, you could even wear a belt.

‘70s Fringe

It’s unbelievable how long some fashion trends survive. The first fringes in apparel appeared in ancient Mesopotamia. Then, they were extremely in style in the ‘70s and now it seems fringes are back again, bolder than ever. Variations are endless. You can have them just as a small eye-catching detail on your shirt or dress, fringes can cover the whole dress, or they can embellish a short dress, adding some length. Any of these ideas are excellent choices for New Year’s Eve. Keep it glamorous and dark in winter, but effortless and bohemian in spring.