University Senate convenes

Kaely Holloway

University Senate convened a final time before the semester’s end on Thursday afternoon.

Despite technological difficulties throughout the meeting, all reports were passed with little revision or opposition.

Provost Gordon Emslie said in his report that, in looking towards next semester and beyond, enrollment is a challenge, but is looking encouraging.


“We are now in contact with 80,000 prospective students” Emslie said.

He said the university is expecting an influx of international and out of state students.

“Our admissions officers are fired up,” Emslie said.

Concerns with enrollment arose after WKU faced an enrollment drop of 3.2%, or 668 students, this semester. Because of this, WKU has had to up their efforts in reaching out to prospective students.

Emslie said more tours are being given daily, more social media outreach efforts are being made and more are encouraged to get involved in recruitment.

“One way or another, students will be popping up in departments, wanting to see classrooms, meet with students groups, meet with faculty, discuss career options,” Emslie said.  “I ask you all to over indulge as much as possible.”

The University Curriculum Committee report faced minor alternation and clarification before approval. Item AFAM 434 is a course that, according to the report, “examines the relationship between distinct communities of struggle in Africa and the African Diaspora and the impact of African American social movements on a range of liberation struggles within this context.”

The Item was altered to make the course less historical and more contemporary, changing the list of requested textbooks to more modern books.

All other reports were passed with no discussion.

The Senate approved eleven new academic courses. Courses belonged to either the Anthropology, Astronomy, Communications, Economics, Finance or History academic categories.

An election was held for a new member for the Legislative Advisory Committee. Patricia Minter, Lynette Smith, Craig Heckman and Eric Bain-Selbo were all listed on the ballot for this position. A winner was not declared during the meeting.

Senate Chair Margaret Crowder said the result would be emailed to all on the Senate at a later point.

Senate will not convene again until January.