WKU looking for same success against triple-option

WKU senior linebacker Xavius Boyd pushes Navy’s junior quarterback John Hendrick into the end-zone getting WKU a safety in the fourth quarter making the final score 19-7.

Elliott Pratt

WKU will not be taken by surprise Saturday at Army. They’ve practiced to defend the triple option since the spring, and the Toppers saw big success against the option in their win against Navy in September.

But even with the similarity in style, there is still a difference in the two teams.

“Army, they’re bigger, a little more physical than Navy,” senior defensive back Arius Wright said. “They run the same offense, so not too many differences.

Army’s 659 passing yards through nine games is evidence that they run the ball much more than Navy, who edges more with 815 yards through the air. Defensive line coach Don Dunn said the coaches went back and showed the team film from the Navy game to get them familiar with what worked in stopping the option.

That same success gives them confidence in looking to stopping the Black Knights.

“We’ve been game-planning since spring camp, since fall camp and the summer,” senior cornerback Cam Thomas said. “We’re definitely ready for the offense, we played Navy and Navy really started it. We just plan on doing the same against Army. It’s been perfect leading up to it putting in so early so we can get used to it.”