Crime reports for Nov. 6 – 9

Jacob Parker


• Police arrested Bowling Green senior Anton Stewart for first offense alcohol intoxication in a public place at level four of Parking Structure 1 on Nov. 9.


• Brownsville freshman Kalea Hudson reported getting punched in the face in front of Rodes-Harlin Hall by an intoxicated male on Nov. 9. Amber Thompson reported her arm being grabbed by the same intoxicated male.

• Debra Gensheimer, an office associate, reported $1,720 in cash was stolen from her office in the Garrett Conference Center on Nov. 8.

• Deborah Wilkins, chief of staff and general counsel, reported a student made menacing gestures/comments toward another student in 442 Grise Hall on Nov. 8.

• Mayfield Junior Marie Anaaleshi Brindle, Northeast Hall, reported her back right tire was slashed on level six of Parking Structure 1 on Nov. 8. The estimated cost of the damage is $45.

• Monticello sophomore Robert Curtis Jackson, McCormack Hall, reported his subwoofers and auxiliary cable stolen from his vehicle on level 4 of Parking Structure 1 on Nov. 8. The estimated cost of the items stolen is $305.

• Louisville freshman Joshua Dumas, Hugh Poland Hall, was cited for the possession of marijuana in the Pearce-Ford Tower Courtyard on Nov. 8.

• Lexington freshman Jessika Caliguiri, PFT, reported an unknown subject keyed her vehicle while it was parked in Hugh Poland Lot on Nov. 8. The estimated cost of the damage is $400.

• Bowling Green graduate student Stephanie Lott, Southwest Hall, reported a subject had anonymously sent a Twitter message advising they wanted to jump from the 17th floor of PFT on Nov. 6.

• Louisville freshman Jaina Wolf, Rodes- Harlin, was cited for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia in Rodes-Harlin on Nov. 6.

• Bowling Green graduate student Amber Sellers, an assistant residence hall director in Poland Hall, requested officer presence while housing staff performed an administrative search in Hugh Poland Hall on Nov. 6.