Conference educates women of color on personal and professional development

Quiche Matchen

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion hosted the Miss Education Symposium Friday at the Knicely Conference Center that reached out to women of color to educate them on subjects they may not learn at the university.

Topics of the sessions ranged from building healthy relationships to building a legacy.

Nashville junior Quinna Hogan said she and another student thought of having a women of color conference and Tiffany Polite, assistant director of the office of institutional diversity and inclusion, thought it was a great idea.

“I want female students to hear about professional development, professional development, health and wellness, healthy relationships and things like that from other women of color,” she said.“We get this information, but it’s not often from women that look like us.”

Polite said she wants women of color to know that she and the other professionals at the conference have been in the shoes of current students.

“We know it’s not easy, but here are some things to help you through, you know learn from my mistakes don’t make the same mistakes,” she said.

Polite said overall she wants students to have the resources necessary to persist and excel.

“That’s what it’s about at the end of the day persistence,” she said. “Stay here. I know it’s difficult, I know you get lost, but push through.”

Polite said although the conference states women of color, all women were welcome to the conference.

Louisville sophomore Sharika Hollingsworth said she was inspired by the conference.

“It inspired me to do better in school,” Hollingsworth said. “It motivated me, that I can go beyond the stereotypes of a black woman.”