Justin Bieber’s ‘different level’ parties

Justin Bieber’s ‘different level’ parties


Justin Bieber parties on a “different level”.

The ‘Peaches’ hitmaker partied solidly for three weeks, according to his friend Roman Kemp, and he admits it was a completely “different world” than he’s ever experienced before.

He said: “Without a doubt, he was the wildest. He’s grown into a very different young man now. He’s a lot more serious and focused. But around his Purpose album (in 2015) when he was in London, I have never seen anything like that in my life — and I thought I’d seen a lot. It went on for three weeks, every single night. He came on to the show, we chatted and because I was one of the younger DJs he had been interviewed by that day, we said, ‘Do you want to get dinner?’ or something.

“I asked if we should get a drink and he was like, ‘Yes, there’s this party going on later’. So I gave him my number, he texted me to go for dinner then it just kept going. I think I was 24, he’d just turned 21 and I remember standing on a sofa in a nightclub looking up and every girl in that room was trying to get my eye to say, ‘You can come on to this table’. It’s a different world. We’d go for dinner, then leaving he didn’t call for the bill. He was like, ‘Oh, they sort it’. It’s unbelievable, on a different level.”

And whilst Roman isn’t in contact with Justin now, he gets “drunken FaceTime calls” from Lewis Capaldi.

Writing in The Sun newspaper for his takeover of the Bizarre column, he added: “I’ve seen the scandal he caused but he was a young guy and I was there for him.

“He’s a lovely guy, he writes great music and it was a really fun time … The closest I have now is Lewis Capaldi. At least once a week I get a drunken FaceTime call at about 4am.”