Alumnus set to release debut album ‘Let Us Get Away’

Louisville alumni Jordan Minton, 23, sings to a packed Lost River Pizza Friday night. “I’m excited to see everyone here,” Minton said.

Mackenzie Mathews

WKU has seen another alumnus into the music industry. Louisville native Jordan Minton, who graduated in 2012, has gone on to begin making a name for himself.

Minton played at Lost River Pizza Co. on Thursday night, Oct. 17 in support of his upcoming album “Let Us Get Away.” The album will drop this Tuesday, Oct. 22, and hard copies will be available at his shows and Mellow Matt’s Music & More.

Minton will also be playing at the Augenstein Alumni Center from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday before the Homecoming game.

Minton said he is ecstatic to have his dream of releasing an album come to fruition.

“I’m so excited for the release. It still sounds really weird to say that it’s happening,” Minton said. “It’s been a dream for a while now, and the fact that it’s happening is still surreal. I’m just excited to have my music accessible.”

That dream began when Minton was going into high school, learning to play the drums. That quickly evolved into the guitar, and then, leading the worship band in his church.

He said that worship was a strong way to begin his music enterprise because it kept him humble, reminding him that his performance is for the audience, not himself.

Bowling Green got its Jordan Minton debut when he was a junior at WKU and was playing in local venues, like Hilligan’s and Mellow Mushroom. Minton said he was able to build a fan base out of similar crowds that revisited the venues he played in.

Minton is not the first artist to get his start in Bowling Green. Bands like Cage the Elephant and the up-and-coming Buffalo Rodeo experienced similar bar and restaurant crowds.

Their success has provided inspiration for Minton.

“It’s encouragement, because no matter where you come from, people are going to listen to your music, and they’re going to enjoy it,” he said.

Danville senior Morgan Kidwell is a fan and said she thinks Minton offers an original take on pop music.

“I think Jordan’s music is likable for a lot of people because he has a style of a lot of popular artists,” she said. “But he has a unique sound to it.”

Minton categorizes himself as a singer/songwriter with lyrically based music. He said he would put his genre somewhere between folk and pop, finding inspiration for his music from listening to Nashville artists of similar styles.

“I like to tell stories through songs. Sometimes, they’re about my life and people I’ve met,” he said. “Sometimes, they’re fictional. And sometimes, they’re real life, but I always try to make them relatable.”