Alpha Xi Delta looking to build house, increase visibility on campus

Kristina Burton

To a WKU student who isn’t very familiar with Greek life, the number of girls within a particular sorority might not seem that important.

For Alpha Xi Delta sorority, who was initiated as a colony in January 2012, the number of new members to join their chapter made a huge difference in their future as a sorority.

Shepherdsville senior Victoria Henry, president of Alpha Xi Delta, said their chapter has now essentially doubled in size.

“Right now our chapter is sitting at 80 and we just got 46 new members,” Henry said. “It’s a big deal for us that a chapter comes on campus this soon and is already above campus total.” Henry said the sorority was just as selective as any other organization on campus when looking for members. “It’s about the quality of girls, not the quantity,” Henry said. “It’s hard work being in a chapter that is still establishing it’s traditions on campus, so the girls that are welcomed as new members are going to have to help to create those traditions and start our legacy which is a lot different from other chapters.” Now that Alpha Xi Delta has reached campus total, they can now begin looking for a sorority house.

There is no requirement for the amount of members needed to build a sorority house, Henry said. According to Panhellenic requirements, 110 members are needed to reach campus total. The chapter currently has a total of 130 members.

Henry said the chapter currently has a suite in Meredith Hall, but they are looking to start fundraising for an actual house.

Not having a house hasn’t posed much of an issue for Alpha Xi Delta, Henry said.

“The chapter suite acts as a house pretty much for us,” she said. “It’s on campus and even in the same building that most of the chapter lives in anyways.” Glasgow senior Chelsea Linder, a member of Alpha Xi Delta, is happy to have been a part of the chapter from its beginning stages up until now. “The girls who got to be founding sisters of the chapter got to make decisions in what we wanted to do and what we wanted our standards to be,” Linder said. “It was so exciting to be able to make those decisions for myself and my sisters.”

Linder is also excited for her chapter to finally be on the same playing field as the others. “Getting those members is a really big deal to us because compared to others we were short, but now it’s so awesome that we’re at the same total,” Linder said. “It’s important that new members continue that for us because it’s a huge advantage.” A few members of Alpha Xi Delta also shared their hopes for the chapter’s future and what steps they want to see taken. Louisville sophomore Ashley Grant is one of the new members of Alpha Xi Delta. Grant said she is looking forward to raising awareness for Autism Speaks, which is the philanthropy that Alpha Xi Delta is associated with.

Henry also believes that philanthropy should be a point of focus for new members and also members that will join in years to come.

“When I come back in 10 years or five years, I really hope they continue to keep doing well, not only with recruitment, but also with philanthropy,” Henry said.

Henry said the philanthropic work she’s done with Autism Speaks is important to inform others about the cause.

“A big part of Alpha Xi Delta is raising awareness for WKU and the Bowling Green community that this is a huge disorder, even on WKU’s campus,” Henry said. “We do programs to help people who don’t know much about it and show them how to get involved and support or volunteer.”

Fort Branch, Ind., sophomore Sidney Hirsch would like to see Alpha Xi Delta become more competitive this year.

“I’d like to try to step it up with intramurals and other activities and see us become a strong chapter on campus,” Hirsch said.

Linder is also hoping to shine more in sorority activities, such as the ones that take place during homecoming and Greek Week.

“We got third in Spring Sing last year, which was awesome for it being our second time doing it,” Linder said. “Having more girls should make it easier to continue to excel in areas like that.”

Henry’s biggest hope for the chapter’s future, though, along with philanthropy and doing well in sorority activities and recruitment, is for the sisterhood to continue to love and support each other in every way possible.

“Regardless of different opinions, at the end of the day, everybody loves each other,” Henry said. “Even our alumni support is still there.”

“Sorority life doesn’t end after 4 years — it continues for life.”