Crime reports for Sept. 12-16

Jacob Parker


• Police arrested Riyadh, Saudia Arabia freshman Bader Alghamdi for DUI after being observed driving in a careless manner and without headlights on at the corner of E. 13th St. and Center St. on Sept. 15. Upon contact, Alghamdi was found to be in possession of an open container in his vehicle.

• Police arrested Palm Bay, Fla. freshman Sultan Hussain Ayidh Alshahrani for alcohol intoxication after approaching an officer’s traffic stop on the corner of 13th Ave. and Center St. and refusing to leave on Sept. 15.

• Police arrested Bowling Green senior Camille Coltrain for driving under the influence after she was observed driving her vehicle in a careless manner on the corner of Russellville Rd. and Morgantown Rd. on Sept. 14.

• Police arrested and lodged Franklin, Tenn. freshman Arthur E. Watson, Northeast Hall, in the Warren County Regional Jail for alcohol intoxication in a public place at 644 E. 14th St. on Sept. 14.

• Police arrested Scottsville freshman Tanner Reed in Barnes-Campbell Hall lobby in regards to an Allen County e-warrant for robbery in the first-degree on Sept. 13.

• Police arrested Louisville sophomore Paige McMillan for DUI and failure to illuminate headlights at Regents Ave. near Chestnut St. on Sept. 13.

• Police arrested Clarkson freshman Johnny Armstrong, Zacharias Hall, after he entered the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house on 300 Alumni Ave. and started causing a disturbance on Sept. 13. Armstrong was charged with burglary of the second-degree and second-degree disorderly conduct.


• Mount Washington senior Ashley Coulter, McLean Hall, reported several items stolen from the Academic Commons area in FAC Room 166 on Sept. 13. The estimated value of the items stolen was $450.