SGA convenes to update Senate, review proposals

Kaely Holloway

Student Government Association met with a packed room Tuesday night to update senators on proposals and general news regarding the organization.

A proposal for a 24 hour on-campus dining option went into first read during the meeting. Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president for auxiliary services, will be in attendance during next week’s meeting for an open forum with SGA members to discuss the proposal.

“The Organizational Aid Committee is actually going to be the sponsor for the 24 hour eatery resolution,” Nicki Seay, administrative vice president for SGA, said. “We’re not only going to pass a resolution, but we’re going to talk to the guy who can make the change as well.”


It was also revealed during this meeting that a few University related changes could be in the horizon.

Mark Reeves, executive vice president announced that Gordon Emslie, provost and vice president, is considering reviving a previous proposal that would add a plus or minus system to grades.

“That’s something that will probably be coming to us as a proposal,” Reeves said.

Reeves also announced changes could be coming to priority registration and the major declaration process, as two proposals regarding the issues were proposed by Emslie during a University Senate meeting.

The major declaration change, according to Reeves, will most likely not be seen by students changing their majors and is mainly just a “behind the scenes” alteration.

“If you change your primary major, that wouldn’t go into affect until you consulted with the department your changing to,” Reeves said. “It’s mainly in the interest of the Registrar.”

There are candidates for each open senate seat this election, some having several candidates.

“We’re thrilled to have so many candidates,” Reeves said. “Some of them are going to be very competitive.”

Elections will take place next week, with voting on TopNet taking place on Sept. 19. Results will be released at 12 a.m. that same night.