SGA election results in, new senate seat created

Herald Staff

SGA election results are in, with a total of 564 voters casting ballots in the election and creating a new senate seat in the process.

A total of 426 votes were cast for a referendum to create a Navitas/English as a Second Language International student senate seat. The referendum received 310, or 73 percent, “yes” votes.

Six new freshman senators were elected, out of seven on the ballot: Jay Todd Richey received 27 percent of the vote, Joseph Dahmer 17 percent, Josh Knight 14 percent, Matthew Zuccari 12 percent, Kaleb Satterly 10 percent, and Michael Birdsong with 9 percent.

Two new graduate student senators were elected, Timothy Gilliam and Jacob Clute, each receiving 50 percent of the vote.

Grace Babbs was elected as Gatton Academy senator, running against five other candidates. Babbs received 28 percent of the vote.

Chris McKenna was elected as Arts and Letters College senator. McKenna ran against two other candidates and received 50 percent of the vote.

Torrie Lange was elected as the Business College Senator. Lange ran against one other candidate and received 65 percent of the vote.

The remaining winners of the senate seats ran unopposed.

Perry Swack was elected as the University College senator. 

Cain Alvey was elected as the Education and Behavioral Sciences College senator. 

Tyler Scaff was elected as the Science and Engineering College senator. 

Liz Koehler was elected as the Health and Human Services College senator.