Another university apartment building under construction

Jackson French

Due to high demand, another university apartment building is under construction.

A new building is going up right across the street from the university apartments on Kentucky Street.

Brian Kuster, director of Housing and Residence Life, said apartment-style living on campus is heavily sought after.

“Last year, when we did the renewal for the apartments across the street in the garage wrap, we had over 200 people on the waiting list who wanted to live there,” he said.

Howard Bailey, vice president for Student Affairs, said the apartments are intended mainly for graduate and nontraditional students.

“It’s being built because it’s a type of campus housing that we’ve had a great need for in our housing portfolio for many, many years,” Bailey said.

“The original focus for campus housing was toward the traditional student, being 18 to 22, single,” he said. As our campus has continued to diversify the student body, you’ll find a greater number of graduate students, married students and upper class students who don’t have transportation that allows them to live in off-campus housing.”

Kuster said the new apartments will give more graduate students, nontraditional students and students with families the chance to live in apartments.

“We may have some international students who may live there, and we may have some students that are juniors and seniors that may live there,” Kuster said. “But the reason they were built was more for graduate students and nontraditional students and students with families.”

Kuster said the Student Life Foundation has hired Bowling Green construction firm, SE Engineering, to build the apartments, which are scheduled to be open for students in August 2014.

He said the Student Life Foundation owns both apartment buildings and has provided the funding for the building currently under construction, which is projected to cost roughly $19 million.

“There’s no state money and no university money,” Kuster said, adding that $10 million is coming from student housing fees.

The remaining $9.5 million, he said, is being borrowed from Chase Bank.

Kuster said the new building will be four stories tall and have 127 units, which will include 95 two-bedroom apartments and 32 one-bedroom spaces.

He also said each apartment will have a living room, a full kitchen and a washer and dryer.

Kuster said the building will also have several multipurpose rooms, though it has not yet been decided what will be put in them.

“We want to have a big multipurpose area that people can use for different events,” Kuster said. “We’re looking at a small fitness center, a theater room and then like a study room.”

He said HRL is going to survey students to see what sort of features there is a demand for.

“We’re not just going to build something that we’d think they’d like but want to see what students would really like,” Kuster said.