Judicial Council finds international senate seat amendment unconstitutional

Kaely Holloway

Members of the Student Government Association gathered in Cravens Library for the second time this semester to discuss new reports, election code adjustments and more.

SGA President Keyana Boka opened up discussions by encouraging members to sign up for the University Food Committee, among others.

“It’s fairly new and it’s something that SGA members have been pushing for for several years, actually, to have more say in dining options on campus” Boka said.


Through this, SGA hopes to push for healthier options on campus, including gluten free and vegetarian options.

It was also announced that a constitutional amendment proposed last week by Boka and executive president Mark Reeves was deemed unconstitutional by the Judicial Council.

The Amendment suggested changes to the Senate composure, including adding one seat for an international student.

It was stated in the Council’s report that adding this seat would violate Section 1.5 of the SGA Constitution stating “the Student Government Association shall abide by Western Kentucky University’s Non-Discrimination Clause.” The clause states no student should be discriminated against based on race, sex, religion, origin or disability.

The report defined the word “discriminate,” stating it related to this case by showing a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit.

“When we have more information in regards to whether or not it is actually constitutionally conflictive, we will bring that up for second read, but for now it stays in first read,” Boka said.

The report did state, however, that international students should participate in the SGA process, but that the Amendment proposed is not the way to do so.

“I do encourage you, if you have international student classmates, to encourage them to run for these positions,” Reeves said, regarding open Senate seats for the fall election. “We need to have all the voices on campus represented.”

It was also ruled by the Judicial Council that only members of the Senate are allowed to participate in Senate debates. A request was submitted to determine whether members of other branches or others not sworn in as Senators may participate in these debates.

Howard Bailey, Vice President for Student Affairs, submitted a memo recommending a change of section 3.8 of the SGA Election code allowing candidates to use electronic mail for self promotion prior to and during the election. Once all candidates have been certificated and validated by the Office of Student Activities that office will produce and send out a student mass e-mail listing all candidates, and the position they are running for.

The Judicial Council reviewed the recommendation, stating it created an unfair advantage to students who have access to emailing lists.

Other News:

  • Two members resigned, including the Student Affairs Committee Head
  • Minutes were approved from the previous meeting
  • University Committee positions were announced via distributed agenda
  • Keith Watson, president of the Glasgow campus’s SGA, was recognized in the meeting