Symphony at WKU to give free concert at Jackson’s Orchard this weekend

Kristina Burton

During the fall, Jackson’s Orchard becomes an ideal spot for Bowling Green residents and WKU students to visit and enjoy autumn staples like apple cider and hayrides.

This weekend, visitors of the orchard can also enjoy a concert by some of WKU’s musicians.

The annual Symphony Day at Jackson’s Orchard will take place this Saturday, Sept. 14 at 10 a.m.

The Symphony at WKU and local strings programs from Bowling Green City and Warren County Public Schools will be performing at the free concert where visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the show on the hillside.

Bill Scott, music director and conductor for the Symphony at WKU, said that Jackson’s Orchard is a great venue for families to come out and enjoy the music.

“The neat thing is that it’s a green space, so little kids aren’t strapped into a chair in an auditorium,” Scott said. “They can run and jump around and play.”

Scott also said that the lengths of the pieces work well for families, too.

“They’re all relatively short pieces — about five to six minutes long — which is about the right length for kids, and adults enjoy it, too,” Scott said.

Visitors will also get the chance to visit an Instrument Petting Zoo provided by Royal Music and sample the instruments seen in the concert.

“String instruments are like shoes—they come in different sizes,” Scott said. “At the Instrument Petting Zoo, kids can come and try an instrument. There will be faculty there showing them how to get started on an instrument, and it creates a lot of excitement that way.”

Chad Coomer, Louisville senior and violinist in the first violin section of the Symphony at WKU, hopes that something like Symphony Day will help to get younger kids interested and to start playing at a young age.

“It’s a great age to start because you’re adapting to things your body can do and is capable of,” Coomer said.

Josh Propst, Bowling Green freshman and third cellist with the Symphony at WKU, said he is really excited to be a part of Symphony Day at Jackson’s Orchard, which will be his first concert as a college student.

“The fact that I’ve grown up here and heard the symphony many times before and now I get to play with them as a student at WKU at Jackson’s Orchard where I’ve seen them play previously is exciting and both a privilege and an honor,” Propst said.

The concert, titled “In Search of Adventure,” will feature music from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” “The Avengers,” “Les Miserables,” Pixar films and many other big screen hits.

Propst encourages families to come out and enjoy recognizable tunes from recent movies, while also getting a taste of what WKU and other Bowling Green musicians have to offer.

“Symphony Day can give people a good idea of the musical talent that’s here in Bowling Green, which people don’t always realize,” Propst said.

Scott also hopes the Bowling Green community will come and delight in the music and surrounding beauty that Symphony Day at Jackson’s Orchard has to offer even if they’ve never visited before.

“Anyone who’s never been to Jackson’s Orchard, for Heaven’s sakes, go,” Scott said. “You’ll love some of the food you can purchase there, you’ll love the atmosphere—it’s a great place to be. Plus, you’ll hear wonderful music at a free concert that gives you a sampling of the orchestra. It’s the perfect opportunity for you.”