BGPD investigating murder of WKU student

Larry Thomas

The murder of a 20-year-old WKU student off Morgantown Road on the night of Sept. 2 is currently under investigation.

Freshman Larry W. Thomas, of Bowling Green, was shot at Greenhaven Apartments 2001 Rock Creek Road. Thomas was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville for medical attention where he later died, according to a Bowling Green Police Department press release.

The incident report is still being compiled by Bowling Green Police Department, Ronnie Ward, public information officer for BGPD, said.

Thomas was enrolled for fall classes at WKU, but was previously banned by the university for the spring semester after he was arrested in Pearce-Ford Tower in Nov. 2012 for trafficking a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to information reported in the Bowling Green Daily News.

Howard Bailey, vice president for student affairs, said the university can’t do anything until it makes contact with the family.

“It would not be proper for us to get out in front of the family,” Bailey said.

So far, Bailey said, the university has been unable to get in touch with Thomas’s family members.

Thomas’s aunt, Kimberly Eddie, took to Facebook to speak about her nephew’s murder.

“My heart is broken … from the lost of my nephew Larry Thomas,” Eddie said in a Facebook post on Sept. 3. “Please keep my family in Prayer.”

Comments from friends and family members poured in, many of them telling Eddie that she and her family will be in their prayers. One Facebook comment from Shermain Reed read “I’m still in disbelief I mean y the good die young!”

On Instagram, alongside a picture of Thomas, his cousin Dimond Metcalf mourned the loss.

“no matter how hard I try I cannot accept the fact that you are gon, i mean im just hurt. im not a person who likes expressing my feelings but im HURT,” Metcalf wrote.

Metcalf took to Twitter as well to express her grief.

“my mommas phone call put me into more tears, i dont wanna hear no more details about my cousins death i can’t take es shit,” she tweeted.

His friend James Gill also expressed his grief on Twitter.

“It’s crazy when you see somebody tryna do the right thing get taken for the wrong reasons #RIPLARRY,” Gill said.