Fall, winter fashion welcomes diversity

Monta Reinfelde

Fashionable life is never easy. Once we are satisfied with the amount and diversity of clothing in our wardrobes, celebrities and fashion insiders are sporting the new season’s trends.

It’s a vicious circle. 

However, good news abounds.

The fashion weeks around the world this summer have spoken. The upcoming fall and winter will break all these rules.

A lot of new looks are sharpened up versions of the old ones we wore the last year and even this summer. 

Also, following season’s fashions offered unseen diversity of styles. This means less orientation on details and more focus on the whole head-to-toe look.  

Here are some of the most frequent looks on the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris. You just have to choose who you want to be. 

But remember: It’s perfectly OK to experiment and change your mind every day if you please.  

Sweet Pastels

Sweet and sugary have always been for the warm weather, but it will work this winter too. Go for powder blue or pink and stick with lean, modern shapes in heavier fabrics. 

The ultimate high-end piece to achieve the sweet look is the pink, oversized coat. Just don’t forget the belt. It’s a must have again. 

Grown-up Grunge

It’s all about mixing different textures in one outfit, mainly consisting of dark and bright red colors. It might be easier to start with the top trend —  motorcycle boots — and move up. 

This time, it is advised to skip pants and shoot for a lace dress or a mohair sweater with short skirts. Top the look with a fake sheepskin jacket. We don’t want to hurt any animals.

The 1940s Siren

It’s definitely the most pulled-together, ladylike and seductive trend there is right now. Recycle your summer, over-the-knee skirts, combining them with cashmere sweaters, or buy a new slip dress in gray or navy. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid heels. So when you want to be the 40s siren, you might want to take a bus to get to the top of that Hill.

Finally, team the whole ensemble with a couple of essential details — a fur-trimmed coat, a slick, leather bag as well as tall, leather and suede gloves.     

 Leopard vs. Snake vs. Alligator

Fashion designers love animals. Make anything out of their skin and they’ll call it fashionable. No one can argue with a billion-dollar industry about what’s stylish or not, but fake leather is a great option instead of real leather. 

Plus, who can afford shoes, skirts, dresses or bags for over $1,000. If you are for this trend, then mix your animals with silk or wool details. 


Girl-meets-boy trend is directly taken from the last cold season, retaining its black, white, gray and navy colors.

Mannish tailoring is updated with a sharp pinstripe and glossy accessories. Masculine flats with chain and metal details as well as a glossy clutch bag will give enough shine and detail to ensure everybody that you haven’t robbed your dad’s closet.