Windows broken again at Pike house

One of two windows busted on the southwest corner of the Pi Kappa Alpha house at 1328 Center St. 

Elliott Pratt

The Bowling Green Police Department and the WKU PD responded to a report of criminal mischief Thursday morning at the Pi Kappa Alpha house at 1328 Center St.

When police arrived, they discovered two windows had been busted on the southwest corner of the house, which is still under construction.

Adam Rider, assistant director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, said he noticed the broken windows when he arrived at the house at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

It isn’t the first time the windows have been broken at the new Pike house. A construction worker at the site said 22 windows had been replaced two weeks ago as a result of a similar incident that occurred in May.

Rider said since the first incident, private security has been on site every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The difference from this act and the last incident is the windows were broken from the inside in May, Rider said.

“The first time it happened the job site was less secure,” Rider said. “Somebody had come into the house and kicked windows out. There were liquor bottles everywhere.”

No leads on suspects were discovered from the first occurrence in May.

The estimated cost of the two damaged windows, according to Rider, could add up to around $1,000.