SGA gears up for new school year

Quiche Matchen

The Student Government Association convened for the first time this school year, and although there weren’t many bills to address there were plenty of announcements.

SGA President Keyana Boka announced that the SGA office has a new look as well as new promotional items.

“I encourage you all to come during the day between classes to hang out and do homework and see what’s going on,” she said.


Boka said during MASTER Plan SGA helped move students into Bemis Hall and recruited freshmen at the campus involvement fair.

“We got about 90 signatures and we got emails sent out to them about the fall election that’s coming out,” she said.

The election will be held September 17th and 18th and applications for the election are due September 10th.

Boka said she looks forward to this year and encouraged all members to think about one issue their passionate about and want to take on.

“As student representatives that’s our job and that’s what we should be doing,” she said.

Mark Reeves, executive vice president, said he also looks forward to this year with SGA and gave an update.

“As executive vice president, I represent students on the student life foundation,” he said. “We approved a $19 million project for housing on Kentucky street. The apartment complex that’s going on up there will be available for nontraditional students, graduate students, students at a higher level and international students.”

Reeves also hopes to continue to diversify SGA representatives.

“We amended our constitution last year so that each academic college will have a representative,” he said.

Reeves encouraged members to tell others that might not know about the change in the constitution to run for those positions.

Other News:

  • Three members resigned
  • Swore in senators
  • Approved appointments and the 2013-2014 budget
  • First read of a resolution to adopt an amendment to the SGA constitution to say that at least one SGA senator shall be an international student