COMMENTARY: Former SGA officer reflects on DUC name change

Kendrick Bryan

According to the WKU Administrative Council, a name change has occurred and the WKU community will now use Downing Student Union.

Former SGA President Cory Dodds made the correct decision to inform campus officials that students preferred for the building to be named Downing University Center.

The Student Senate serves as the official voice of the student body. In 2011, the student assembly voted against changing the name of the building. The SGA was asked to vote on the issue by campus administrators.

I attended the student union benchmark tour with several students and campus officials. At the IUPUI stop, students were informed that they would likely vote on the name change.

Dodds was correct because student opinion did not change. If students were in favor of a name change, they would have likely contacted Dodds and WKU officials.

I understand why the name changed. Many universities across the country have student unions. The change was also intended to display that students helped fund the renovation.

However, the official voice of the student body was disregarded.

The renovation process is gaining momentum, and the building will look outstanding. I voted against the project due to the linked tuition increase, but I am proud of the progress and I applaud the WKU Planning, Design and Construction staff.

While the WKU community may not be excited about how the name change occurred, I feel it is time to move forward and appreciate how the building will have a positive impact on campus life.

If you disagree with the name change, please contact members of the WKU Administrative Council.

Kendrick Bryan served as WKU Student Body Vice President from 2009-2012.