Letters to the Editor: DUC name changed to DSU

Herald Staff

 Editor’s Note: Due to the mass of letters sent in about the DUC name change, they will be complied by the order in which they were received.

Why change something so uniquely WKU??  Keep it DUC!!

Gail Rice Visgauss

WKU ’87

Seriously WKU?  This is like when you wanted us all to drop “WKU” and refer to you only by your full name, “Western Kentucky University.” (I don’t recall that working out.) If you’re itching to rename a building then rename something insignificant, like a dorm.  Renaming DUC is like trying to rename FAC.  It’s an iconic part of an ever changing campus–leave it some tradition.

Donna Bredenberg 

WKU Student

After being at Western Kentucky University over several years in several capacities ways there was one thing that remained a constant.
Downing University Center,  also known as DUC. During orientation as a student I learned that “the DUC” was the place to be. Then with all the changes, renovations and restructuring that DUC would eventually become the one place that you could always come to. I’m sure most people will see it as a few people getting hung up on a name,  but to those that remember in 1922 the state renamed the institution Western Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College. A name can mean quite a bit and could help preserve the heritage that this school has so proudly fought for in the past. DUC FOREVER,  Go Hilltoppers! 
Erik C. Thomas
Alpha Kappa Psi – Zeta Tau ’07 – Life
Zeta Tau Chapter Advisor
Western Kentucky University – 2011