Ray Elms v. WKU case dismissed on order of summary judgment

Elliott Pratt

A Warren County Circuit Court judge has granted WKU’s motion for summary judgment in a case versus a former employee.

Raymond Elms, a former employee in the Department of Information Systems at WKU, had filed charges against the university for age discrimination being the reason for his termination in 2010. 

WKU asserted a summary judgment call was important because Elms was terminated from his job from evidence providing record of nearly 39 hours of long-distance phone calls from his office landline phone over the span of seven to eight months.

More investigations revealed that Elms spent 29 hours on his cell phone for personal calls during working hours.  Personal communication from his work email and pornographic images were found after a search of the plaintiff’s computer.

Elms contended WKU’s motion of summary judgment, saying it should not be granted and the motions should be denied.

While Elms provided an affidavit saying he believed his workloads were completed by those younger than him, he has offered no direct evidence to indicate his claims to be true.

Therefore, the case has been dismissed on order of summary judgment.