SGA swears in executive officers for the coming school year

Jackson French

On Tuesday, the Student Government Association gathered in the Augenstein Alumni Center to present seven members with Student Government Awards and swear in next school year’s executive officers.

Among the awards given were the Dero Downing Award, presented to Drew Mitchell, Bowling Green senior and SGA’s director of public relations, and the Charles A. Keown Award, presented to Bowling Green senior Keyana Boka, SGA’s president for next year.

After the awards were given out, this year’s SGA President Cory Dodds took the podium to swear in the new executive officers.

He started by announcing who had been elected to the three executive positions. Boka was named president, Mark Reeves, a first-year graduate student from Bowling Green, was named executive vice president, and Floyds Knobs, Ind. freshman Paige Settles was named speaker of the senate.

Dodds had them stand, raise their right hands in the air and swear to uphold the duties of their offices to the best of their abilities.

After Boka, Reeves and Settles were sworn in, the three positions officially passed to the new appointees.

The banquet also served as the capstone to this school year, which Boka said was a productive one.

Charley Pride, director of Student Activities who also serves as the official SGA advisor, said the year has been both challenging and productive for SGA. Their difficulties, he said, mostly stem from SGA’s move from the Downing University Center to their current location in the Helm-Cravens Library.

“The move has been kind of a challenge and a blessing at the same time,” he said. “They all had to work there in the same room.”

Despite the difficulties SGA has dealt with this year, Boka said the group has had a successful year.

“I feel it was a very productive year and I think it was great working with everyone, all the other execs,” she said. “We accomplished a lot of our goals that we wanted to.”

Boka said SGA’s main accomplishments this year were the revisions they made to their constitution, their reestablishment of the Safe Rides program and increasing the number of scholarships available to students.

Pride also said SGA has been working to increase diversity this year.

“They’ve started reaching out, trying to get international students’ involvement, working to diversify a little bit,” he said, adding that the Glasgow campus now has a representative for SGA meetings.

Boka said a group of Glasgow students came to them and were interested in having their own body similar to SGA.

 “They felt like they needed more representation, so we helped them model a constitution based off our own constitution,” she said.

Glasgow sophomore Keith Watson, the current president of the Glasgow Student Body Association, said he has been the Glasgow campus’ representative since March, following the term of interim representative Roy Ratliff, a sophomore from Red Boiling Springs, Tenn.

“We actually had a big meeting with the other students that wanted to get involved and have our voice be heard on the main campus here in Bowling Green,” he said.

Watson also said being the Glasgow Campus representative goes with the office of president.

“That gives us and Glasgow a voice in the SGA here,” he said. “So it automatically gives us a senate seat here.”

Boka said she thinks this year was very productive for SGA and that she is looking forward to the next school year.