Chic Chicks: My little fashion notebook

Monta Reinfelde

These days, while everyone else is soaking in their first doses of vitamin D and enjoying beautifully blossomed nature, I’m stuck on the computer catching up on some work and chasing the last summer internship opportunities.

Well, so far, looks like I’m out of luck.

However, on those small breaks between the routine school stuff and elaborate application forms, I clear my head with the daily fashion-site visits and lose myself in the pages of glossy magazines.

I collect images with inspirational outfits and looks I will want to repeat some time soon.

For now, it seems like the color explosion in the newest trends has not made its way through my consciousness. I still can’t get out of that safe, black uniform I have been rocking all winter.

I call my image collection “The little fashion notebook.” It isn’t only for inspiration though. It also serves as a wish list and the focal point of a new wardrobe.

Right now, I have only three starting items on my list — graphic pants, a snakeskin bag and new aviators.

The point is, if you have a fashion notebook you know what you are looking for. It is not that hard to find those items online — without lifting your butt off your chair. Voila, you can have a list now!

My approach is to start with the basics that are the most expensive, but at the same time wearable with everything and reusable the next season. (Disregard those graphic pants. It’s just something I have been wanting for a long time now.) When this list will be fulfilled, I will start making a new list — one step at a time.

It actually helps.

First of all, you don’t spend money on sudden buys you will never wear. Instead, you save this money for something you actually want.

Secondly, the extra effort you put in to making the list and saving the money will make you appreciate the purchase even more.

Third, you won’t find yourself in the nothing-to-wear situation. You will absolutely love every single piece of clothing you own, and they will perfectly match with one another.

Finally, thoughtful purchases will make a space in your new wardrobe for the last season’s favorite pieces too. It is easy to update last summer’s dress with new shoes and accessories, achieving a completely new feel and look.

I have a lot of fun with it, and I believe you can too. Even though I’m still in the stages of planning, saving and finding, I already know where my next paycheck will go.

I have this awesome feeling of anticipation. Something nice will arrive in the mail soon making my heartbeat a little bit faster and the smile a little bit bigger.

That is the way to welcome spring!