Rock 4 Choice uses inventive ways to educate students on sexual health

Paul Watson

Hilltoppers for Choice put on Rock 4 Choice on Thursday at the Centennial Mall to raise awareness for reproductive health, reproductive choice and reproductive justice.

Information was presented to students through informative booths and inventive games, such as condom relay races and vagina coloring books.

Bowling Green graduate student Jacqueline Adams is the president of Hilltoppers for Choice and was one of the people responsible for bringing the event to fruition.

“I want students to know there is a space for education on reproductive choice, reproductive health and reproductive justice,” Adams said.

Adams said the event had been in the planning stages for months, but would have been impossible without students who cared about making the event a reality.

Many of the students working the booths at Centennial Mall were students in Hendersonville, Tenn. graduate student Leigh Gaskin’s Gender and Women’s Studies 200 class.

“We had been wanting to do this for a long time, but we had no way to pull it off,” Gaskin said.

The creativity of her students is what pulled off the event, she said.

“I told them what the event was and it was up to them to make it happen,” she said.

Justin Crenshaw, a Glagow freshman, was one student in Gaskin’s class who took an active role in the planning of the event.

“We wanted it to be fun and educational,” he said.

Seth Pedigo, a senior who has just returned from school after five years of non-profit work in California and New Mexico, played a brief set of one- man folk music.

Pedigo is an activist, as well as a musician.

“It’s all about peaceful activism and passion,” he said.

Alvaton junior Hilary Harlan, a founding member of Hilltoppers for Choice, explained what the event was about.

“This event is happening so that people don’t get the wrong idea about Hilltoppers for Choice,” she said.

Harlan said that for her, the event was about seeing others’ perspectives.

“We’re all just people,” she said. “We’re not baby killers. We’re not protesters. We just believe women have the right to choose.”