WKU student’s hunting skills take him to new heights

Josh Honeycutt

The crisp morning air splits with the sound of thunder. Waiting on the rising sun, a longbeard turkey sits on his roost limb and continues to make his presence known.

His booming gobble cuts the air and resonates throughout the river bottom as the sun crests the horizon.

For Madisonville senior Clayton Solise, this is a scenario all too familiar. The story goes back to the younger days of now 23-year-old Solise.

By fate, grand design or through random occurrences alone, Solise’s life intersected with three other individuals — Luke, Jake and Josey Hopper. The trio and Solise are close friends.

Due to Solise and the Hopper siblings’ passion for the outdoors, the quartet decided to form an outdoor group called Relive Outdoors.

Their mission is to educate the next generation of hunters through video production of their own adventures afield.

Goals find them seeking to teach proper ethics, correct hunting methods and how to be good stewards of the land.

To capture these messages, Solise and the Relive Outdoors crew videos their hunts and outdoor excursions.

So when Relive Outdoors co-founder Luke Hopper noticed Campbell Cameras’ call for pro staff members, they had to apply.

Naturally, Solise and the crew were jacked like 80’s punk rockers when they received the news that they had been chosen. This was a big step for the group of outdoor enthusiasts.

“We were extremely excited to hear we were selected,” Solise said.

For those who do not know, Campbell Cameras is a company that produces high-end video cameras designed for use in the outdoors.

The video cameras are perfected for the specific needs of hunters and fishermen. Because of this, many nationally-aired outdoor television shows use their cameras for part or all of their productions.

So what does a pro staff member do? Well, for starters, Solise said, they are expected to promote the company they are pro staffing for.

They attend sports shows and conventions to represent that company and to spread its name to the public. In short, they’re an ambassador for the company they represent.

So what are some perks of the gig? The group not only gets to travel around to all of the biggest shows, but they also get to supply video content for Campbell Camera promotions and meet with countless product users and fans.

The outdoors isn’t for everyone. But for some, it is everything.

For some, nature and its exhilarating pursuits are what many live for. Ironically enough, early mornings and cool temperatures are preferred over sleeping in and warm ocean fronts.

For Solise, and many other WKU students, this is the case.

In honor to the outdoor tradition, Solise and the Relive Outdoors crew hope to encourage others to go after their dreams and pursue whatever endeavors they have, whether they are affiliated with the outdoors or not.