Board of Regents approves resolution, SGA looks ahead

Sarah Stukenborg

The Board of Regents approved the student teaching assistant evaluations resolution.

Cory Dodds, the president of the Student Government Association,  announced at Tuesday’s SGA meeting that Provost Emslie informed him of the approval.

Starting in the fall semester, students will be able to evaluate the performances student teaching assistants.

Keyana Boka, executive vice president of SGA, announced that her bill for the Preston Center guest passes was up for review. The senate will vote on the bill next meeting.

Cain Alvey, administrative vice president of SGA, announced that he met with Parking and Transportation Services to talk about expanding Safe Rides.

“They want to expand as much as we want to,” Alvey said.

Alvey is working on different options for expansion. According to Alvey, SGA has $44,526.21 left in the budget.

SGA received 150 applications for the newly implemented summer scholarships.

Brittany Crowley, director of Academic and Student Affairs, said in response to the number of applicants, a new bill was created to fund three more summer scholarships.

“We’ve received a lot of summer applications, more than we anticipated,” Crowley said. “It’s been a very successful initiative.”

Nicki Seay, Legislative Research chair for SGA, announced that she is working to reopen the South Campus food court.

SGA’s Campus Safety Walk was held tonight. Up ‘Til Dawn will be held on Friday at 9 p.m.