SGA announces Boka’s reinstatement, passes bills at meeting

Sarah Stukenborg

The decision by the judicial branch of the Student Government Association to disqualify presidential candidate winner Keyana Boka was overturned by Howard Bailey, WKU’s vice president of Student Affairs, in a memorandum read at the meeting on Tuesday.

Boka, current executive vice president of SGA, is once again the presidential candidate winner of the election.

“This whole campaign has taught me a lot of life lessons,” Boka said.

Boka said she feels it will take some work in order to be able to work with and get along with some of her fellow executive members in SGA.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done first with my administrative and executive vice presidents, but I am hopeful and excited that it will be a great year,” Boka said.

Louisville sophomore Laura Harper, a senator in SGA, felt the decision made by Bailey was a good decision for SGA.

“I feel like the decision might better reflect the student body opinion as a whole and that’s a step in the right direction,” Harper said.

In addition to the news surrounding the presidential election candidates, a bill for the funding and creation of three additional summer session scholarships was passed.

SGA will now offer three more $353 summer session scholarships along with the three that were originally going to be given out to make for a total of six. Applications are available on SGA’s website.

The summer scholarships will cover the cost of one credit hour of undergraduate credit for the recipients. Students participating in study away or study abroad programs are ineligible.

The bill for the funding of the Preston membership voucher program was passed as well. Beginning in the fall 2013, full-time students will be able to receive vouchers from SGA in order to bring along a friend that is a part-time student.

Guests must be part-time students due to the fact that funding was cut in order to form the summer scholarships.

They also passed an organizational aid bill at the meeting that will allocate $3,440 total to the Paintball Club, the Pre-Veterinarian Club, the Folk Studies Club, the League of Sculptors, the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students, Study Abroad Student Representatives, Phi Gamma Delta and the Black Graduate Student Association.