Letter to the Editor: Vote Cain Alvey

Cain Alvey

In the wake of an upcoming election, I think about how lucky we as a 

student body are to be able to choose a representative that serves the 

students in many forms. The SGA President serves as the Student Regent, 

the official representative of the student body, on the Board of Regents. 

The SGA President also serves as an executive on the University Senate 

and sits on many influential committees.

I believe I have the record, knowledge and ideas to best serve in all of 

these positions. This is why I am asking for your support


If elected, I will focus on many issues that will impact every student on this 

campus including:

•   A book scholarship for students that are planning on staying here at 

WKU throughout an entire academic year. We have many scholarships 

available for students that wish to study abroad, study away and attend 

conferences. However, the organization does not have a scholarship that 

students can apply for that helps them simply stay on the Hill.

•   We will expand our Safe Ride Program that is offered in partnership 

with Parking and Transportation Services. PTS has approached SGA and 

provided many details on how successful the program has been this year. 

PTS officials mentioned that it might be time to add a third bus to better 

accommodate student demand. I have already met with officials from PTS 

about this change and together we will expand this program. 

•   We will begin a test prep program for students that have to take tests 

such as the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, Praxis and other professional 

assessments. I would like to partner with the WKU Council of Academic 

Deans to provide students with test prep opportunities.

•   I will implement a Design-a-Course option that would allow students to 

create a course that is centered around their education and their interests. 

Students will get credit for the work that they do in their own created 


•   As SGA President, I will focus a large part of my attention on the 

recruitment and retention of our future and current students. College 

affordability is a major issue, and I will work to keep tuition and fees at a 


As I stated earlier, the SGA President serves in many ways. I promise to 

give 100% effort in supporting and building up the WKU student body. I 

am committed to listening to your voices and your ideas. I will dedicate 

weekly office hours to hear what your government needs to be told. 

Whether it is at Centennial Mall, Garrett Conference Center or the Preston 

Center, I want to hear your stances and views.

I will fight to make sure you have everything you need to be successful 

here on the Hill and graduate in a timely manner.

Your vote is extremely important in this upcoming election on April 2-3. 

Vote on TopNet for a purpose-driven platform and student-led initiatives. 

Elect Cain Alvey as your next SGA President.