Chic Chicks: Bringing fashion home

Monta Reinfelde

One of the coolest things being in the United States, besides the great opportunity to study here, is the amazingly low prices for clothing and electronics.

Basically, at home, everything starting from shoes and ending with iPhones costs twice as much or even more.

Therefore, at the end of every semester — a month before returning to Latvia — my family members and friends flood my email with messages and fill a bank account with money to bring some American goodies home.

For example, take the brand Guess. It is one of the cheapest big name brands in the U.S., but costs a small fortune back at home.

So, one day, my dad sends me this long list with Guess clothing I need to buy for him. He is a guy who tries to find everything on sale, making my life harder.

My job is to check the links every day to see if his size is finally in and then order it.

I have come up with excuses, such as lots of school work and practices, so I didn’t have to spend all my free time looking at men’s shirts and pants. Therefore, he brought out the big guns.

“If you love me, you will do it,” he said.

It’s funny how most of the Europeans dream to visit the America, but Americans dream to visit Europe. And both think that the life is so much better in the other place.

Clothing-wise, America is really the best place to be. Maybe when I will have my own money to spend, I will think differently, but right now being a student and trying to make ends meet, Forever21 shirts for $12 a piece is my best bet. I don’t even have enough for the iPhone.

Another interesting fact: People tend to think that because of different cultures, even clothing is different in other places.

Wrong! Pretty much, chain stores and even boutiques try to adapt the newest fashions worldwide; therefore, clothing is really similar wherever you go. It’s all about how you combine and layer it.

My friend in Latvia asked me to bring her a shirt. I warned her that it will be something she can probably buy at home too, but she insisted. She wants a shirt from America!

Funny, I can already imagine her wearing this shirt more often than the rest of her stuff and telling everybody where it’s from. Wouldn’t you do the same if a friend brought you something nice to wear from Paris, Milan or Tokyo? I would.

So, the next time you go abroad, be it a tropical island or a huge metropolis, don’t just dress yourself head to toes, bring something home for your friends and family.

That is a really nice gesture. And this piece of clothing, even though it might be very similar to the ones anyone can buy at home will have a special feel and meaning to it. After all, tell me who doesn’t want a friend who remembers about you on a trip and who won’t appreciate a piece of clothing from New York, London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Costa Rica, Melbourne…