SGA passes two resolutions at weekly meeting

Sarah Stukenborg

The Student Government Association passed a resolution during Tuesday night’s meeting to support the ending of the annual increase in the student athletic fee after WKU joined the Conference USA.

The athletic fee increases every year under the Higher Education Price Index and gets paid by WKU students. The resolution supports decreasing the athletic fee in order to show WKU’s commitment to academics.

SGA also passed a resolution to support the WKU Center for Financial Success.

Keyana Boka, executive vice president of SGA, said the resolution calls for student support in officially naming WKU’s outreach program for the Finance Department of the Gordon Ford College of Business the Center for Financial Success.

“It’s for branding purposes,” Boka said.

The program helps WKU students plan and manage their finances by providing knowledge and resources for financial planning issues. The resolution will show students’ support to formally name this program the Center for Financial Success.

Brittany Crowley, director of Academic and Student Affairs, announced that there were 310 summer session scholarship applications sent in during the three weeks the application was available online, and the scholarship recipients have been chosen.

Seth Church, chief justice of the Judicial Branch, is working on ways in which the judicial branch of SGA can take on a more disciplinary role.

Church said the judicial branch mainly covers senate attendance and the occasional mishap. After reviewing some constitutions of other university student governments, Church would like to make some changes.