Kentucky’s first lady visits WKU to discuss literacy

Cameron Koch

Kentucky’s first lady, Jane Beshear, traveled to WKU on Monday to encourage and promote literacy in the state, kicking off the 3rd Annual Kentucky Literacy Celebration week.

Beshear arrived at Gary Ransdell Hall, where she was greeted by President Gary Ransdell himself.

A tour of Ransdell Hall and the Education Resources Center followed, given by Librarian Roxanne Spencer before sitting in on a Literacy 320 class in the process of selecting children’s literature for their lesson plans.

Beshear sat among the class as Spencer explained the vast resources available at the click of a mouse through the library database system to the class.

“The ERC exists to make you better teachers,” Spencer said.

After the presentation, Beshear addressed the students.

“The scope of material you have available to you, you’ve got to find things that engage the students, the kids,” Beshear said. “Your job will be to engage every student in your class.”

The first lady encouraged teachers, and future teachers, to use all of their resources available to increase interest in reading.

Following the brief tour of Ransdell Hall and WKU, Beshear traveled to the Housing Authority of Bowling Green to discuss connections between pre-service teachers and the focus on literacy growth with students in the after-school program.

Beshear said she supported reading in all forms, whether the words were on a page or a computer screen.

“If that is what it takes to get them involved, I’m all for it,” Beshear said. “I personally like to hold a book.”